Keyword Research Services for Copywriters

SEO keyword research and analysis for copywriters and small business owners.

Find keywords that help bring the right customers to your clients’ websites.

You want your website projects to be found in Google searches, but you don’t have time or know-how to figure out which keywords you should be optimising.

My SEO keyword research services give you the data you need to make the best keyword decisions for your website copy.

Website copywriter, Compelling Copy

When you’re trying to get some wins in the Google search machine, you know it’s important to make sure your copy is well optimised for the right keywords. But if keyword research is your least favourite part of writing website copy, I can take it right off your to-do list.

My signature SEO keyword research helps copywriters speak to the heart of their readers (and the heart of the search engine algorithms).

As a fellow copywriter, I know how frustrating it is to get a list of keywords that have no context, no hope of ranking or worse yet, don’t even match the content messages your client asked you to write about.

But that’s not what you get with me. I take my copywriting knowledge and combine it with my SEO research expertise to come up with a list of keywords that are:

  • relevant
  • workable
  • have an actual chance of kicking SERP goals

Keywords are the foundation of any good SEO strategy

Knowing what search terms your audience is looking for and optimising website pages to try to rank for them is the basis of any good SEO strategy. But there are plenty of other benefits to investing in keyword research.


Discover competitors

Learn who your competitors really are – you’ll see who’s at the top of the rankings for the keywords your customers use.

Review ranking content

See what type of content is ranking #1 for the search terms you want – so you can write something better.

Get content ideas

Find new content ideas – so you can write blog posts about the topics your customers want to know.

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Don’t want to get lost down the keyword research rabbit hole? Leave it to me

What you get in my keyword research spreadsheet

My keyword research isn’t a random list of words and phrases with no advice on where to use them or what data led your SEO provider to choose them. I give you a comprehensive spreadsheet with keywords mapped to each website pages in your brief (up to 7 website pages included).

My keyword research spreadsheet includes:

  • 20+ keyword or phrase suggestions (usually a lot more, depending on your industry)
  • recommendations on where to use your keywords
  • one focus keyword recommendation for each website page (up to 7 website pages included)
  • secondary keyword suggestions where relevant (up to 7 website pages included)
  • monthly search volume for each keyword
  • a difficulty score to show how competitive the keyword is to rank organically
  • the URL of the #1 ranking website for each keyword (hello, competitors I didn’t know about)


If I find any interesting ideas for blog topics or other main website pages while I’m doing my research, I’ll include those as well. (Cha-ching for bonus blog post ideas!)

My keyword research process

Once you’ve decided to book my keyword research services, here’s what’ll happen:

  1. I’ll confirm my next available start date
  2. I’ll send you my keyword research briefing form so you can tell me all about your website project
  3. I’ll send you an invoice for your project
  4. You’ll return your briefing form and pay the invoice (I can’t begin work on your keywords without these)
  5. I’ll use professional keyword research tools to analyse current rankings, competitors’ rankings and dig around to find the best keyword opportunities for your website
  6. I’ll send your keyword research spreadsheet 1 to 2 weeks* after starting work
  7. You’ll have all the keyword guidance you need to write optimised website copy


* It usually takes about 1 week to complete your research, but for more complicated industries or projects, it can take up to 2 weeks or more. I’ll keep you informed if I expect a delay in returning your keywords to you.

    A straight-shooting keyword gun

    Oh, my Googleness! What a comprehensive keyword research report! I’m so excited to get going on my client’s copy with proper direction on the keyword front. Thanks so much. It’s great to know I’ve found a straight-shooting keyword gun. Bloody amazing work.

    Lisa Cropman

    SEO Keyword Research Services Pricing

    Ready to hand the keyword research part of your project to a keyword expert who thinks like an SEO but cares like a copywriter?

    Keyword research for small business owners

    My signature SEO keyword research service is custom-made for copywriters who already understand the basics of SEO data and how to use keywords. But it can also help small business owners who want to know which keywords they should use as part of their SEO strategy.

    But, if the idea of a spreadsheet with lots of SEO data sounds overwhelming, my ‘More than Words’ package is for you. It includes all the keyword goodness above, plus a personalised video walkthrough and one-on-one consult call. These extra bonuses mean you can ask me any follow-up questions and I can make sure you know how to get the most value out of my customised keyword research.

    Website copywriter, Compelling Copy

    Get in quick

    My keyword research services are in demand by some of Australia’s best copywriters. But I only take on one keyword research project per week. So if you want to book me in, it’s best to get in touch as soon as possible to grab my next available spot. I’m usually booked up a few weeks in advance, so the sooner the better!

      Really helped me

      ‘Thanks so much, Joh! Your explainer video really helped me understand everything. And having those extra subpage and blog post keyword ideas has also given me helpful direction for the structure of my website. Thank you!’

      Laura Richter

      Gave me confidence

      ‘Joh, I want to thank you again for taking the time to coach me through some of the tougher stuff of keyword research. You gave me confidence that it doesn’t need to be as complicated as I thought. I appreciate your guidance and encouragement!’

      Estefania Garcia

      Keywords are just the beginning; SEO takes time

      There are no guarantees when it comes to the Google gods. Finding the right keywords is a vital part of your SEO strategy, but keywords are just one part. I can’t guarantee your website will rank for my suggested keywords or phrases. But I can hand-on-heart say I will give you the most suitable keyword options with the best chance ranking that I can find for your project.

      Other factors will also impact your rankings, including:

      • your technical website set-up
      • backlink strategy
      • domain authority
      • changes to search engine algorithms
      • how you use your keywords
      • the quality of your content

      But with the right keyword guidance, you’ve taken a big step towards improving your SEO performance.

        Get the keywords you need to help Google send the right customers to you.

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