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You’re an expert in your business.

I’m an expert in mine.

Imagine what we can achieve together.

As a website copywriter, I am here to help you connect with your audience, convey your message and convert your prospects into clients.
You have a brilliant business. I can help you tell the world about it.
If you need website copy that’s SEO friendly or content that builds your authority and attracts the right customers, or a killer landing page to close the sale
you need Compelling Copy.

I’ll take care of your words, so you can take care of your business.

I offer these copywriting services and more. How can I help you?

When it comes to websites, you only have a few seconds to grab the reader’s attention. It’s often the first interaction your clients will have with your business. So it’s important to make a good impression. That’s why the words on your website must be captivating and compelling. Your website copy should also optimise your search engine results. My SEO copywriting services will help the Google-bots find you (and send the right people your way).

Content marketing is booming. But to do it right, you have to offer value to your audience. I can help you with a content strategy that delivers real value. It might be developing a blog that becomes a ‘must read’ in your industry. It might be an eBook, establishing you as an expert in your field. It might be a series of videos, scripted to capture a devoted audience. Whatever it is, we will build your authority with content that attracts the right customers

Sales copy exists for one reason – to close the sale. Sales copy is the secret ingredient used in landing pages, brochures, advertisements and more. My sales copy uses persuasive language and takes your prospects on a strategic journey. It grabs their attention and demonstrates how your offer will solve their problem. It answers their questions and overcomes their objections. Then it leads your customers straight to a clear and compelling call to action.

Case studies are not designed to sell your product or service. They are designed to celebrate it. Case studies are real-life stories that prove that you are brilliant at what you do. They demonstrate how you have helped solve someone’s problem. When your clients are singing your praises, it’s the most powerful sales copy of all. My case studies will tell your business story from the customer’s perspective. That way it speaks directly to your next customer, and your next, and your next. Customer case studies are powerful. If you’re not using them in your marketing…you should be.

A professional profile introduces you to your audience and establishes your expertise. It captures your personality and demonstrates your authority. A jargon-filled list of job titles and qualifications is not a compelling professional profile. To make a your profile stand out, it is important that it tells a story. Because people relate to stories, people respond to stories. Let’s write your story today.

A regular newsletter is the perfect way to stay in touch with your community. You can keep your contacts up to date with the latest news, provide special offers, promote events, or give them a sneak peak at a new product or service. An engaging newsletter continues the conversation with past clients. So you are top of mind when they need your service again. I will work with you to create newsletters that people want to read. We’ll also develop an editorial calendar to ensure that you can hit the send button on time, every time.

In corporate communications, you often have more work to deliver than resources provided to deliver it. So many documents are written under pressure because every day is so hectic. Sound familiar? Let me help. It could be an annual report, white paper, tender, prospectus, awards submission or something else. Whatever it is, I can help you with your corporate communications. I’ll work with you to understand your goals and expectations. You’ll think of me as an extension of your team. Then, I’ll deliver a professionally researched and written document (and a big tick for your ‘to do list’). My background is in corporate marketing and communications. So I get it. And I’ve done it. If you need a go-to writer to outsource to, I’d love to help.

If your website’s already live, but you’re not sure that it’s hitting the mark, then a website review is for you. I’ll take a look at your structure, your copy and your content. Then I’ll provide feedback on what’s working and what could be better. This is not a technical website audit. It’s a review of the way you’re presenting your message. I’ll check to see if your website is speaking to your target audience. And if it’s not, I’ll provide advice on what you should do next. Let’s make your website work harder for you.

Are you ready for Compelling Copy?

Let me tell the world how brilliant you are.